Hey everyone!

I realize it’s been a while since I’ve sent out an update, but fortunately it’s been due to utter busy-ness that I am now more than happy to share with you all:

As many of you may already know, I’ve recently joined the cast of Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson ONE show at the Mandalay Bay casino in Las Vegas. This is a bit of an unusual job, as it is not the typical pit-musician gig. In this show, the guitarist is also a character named “Muse”, a mythical creature who connects the four main characters to Michael Jackson’s spirit, as well as their true inner selves. Needless to say, there are a lot of awesome new things involved in it for me: a VERY cool costume (pics soon), learning how to do intricate and creative makeup, dance lessons, character work, Pilates, learning to shoot fire out of my guitar…you know, all the things that are generally associated with the job title of “musician”. šŸ˜‰ In all honesty though, this is a huge honor and a unique learning experience, so I’m definitely committed to doing my best with these new skill sets and doing Cirque justice. So if you’re in Vegas…this is a show you want to see. And I’m not even talking about the classic MJĀ songs we all know and love. I’m speaking as the huge gymnastics fan that I am, walking around our theater with my jaw on the floor as I witness world-class acrobats defying gravity in ridiculous ways every single day. You. Will. Not. Be. Disappointed.

In other news, I was recently invited to pretend to be Steve Vai by his amazing rhythm section, bassist Philip Bynoe and drummer Jeremy Colson. They were doing a rhythm section clinic at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, and needed someone to fill in on guitar. Ā I guess they figured that such a tall order would be a fun addition to my already currently-packed schedule…and boy was it!!!! Again, a huge honor I did my best to do justice to, and you can watch the result by clicking HERE.

Speaking of which, I recently mentioned on social media that I will try my damndest not to let my new gig interfere with my regular YouTubeĀ posting schedule. Among the recent videos are a Vai cover, live Nili Brosh Band videos from NAMM and beyond, and more than a few Nilicks.Ā So on that note, if you’ve missed any of them, you can catch up by clicking HERE.

And as always, I’d like to sign off with a mention of my thanks for you guys’ support of my work over the years. I sincerely hope you’ll come watch me shoot fire out of my headstock while I play the Beat It solo over the next several months!

With love and gratitude,